About Us

Pipeline Controls provides turnkey systems, equipment and services for production and pipeline custody metering, control and conditioning of crude oil, natural gas and refined or processed hydrocarbon fluids. Pipeline Controls meets the needs of a pipeline control system supplier who understands the specific requirements of large pipeline metering and control systems. From design to delivery, our can-do attitude is your single-source solution for pipeline metering, control and treating projects.

Pipeline Controls covers U.S. onshore and offshore market segments of primary production, natural gas and crude oil pipelines, refining and processing. We do business in international markets highlighted below. We understand the special requirements, consideration and management these critical projects demand. We are skilled and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your project is completed in accordance with project requirements.

Pipeline Controls has a proven track record of success, providing turnkey design, engineering and project management from inception to startup.

Advantages of Pipeline Controls Turnkey Systems

  • Single source for overall system responsibility
  • Adherence to unique specifications of metering systems
  • Complete scheduling and project management
  • Responsive technical expertise
  • QC/QA document audit trail
  • Maintenance services